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Earning an hourly wage makes it hard to budget unless you annualize it or at least look at it on a monthly basis. Knowing how much you bring in each month is important; otherwise, how do you set up a budget? You need to know how much you can commit to expenses like housing, utilities, insurance, food, and savings.

If you make $15 an hour, check out our guide to make the most of it. Continue reading to also see the equivalent annual salary based on how many hours you work.

  • 15 Dollars an Hour Is How Much a Year?
  • How Much is $15 an Hour per Month?
  • How Much is $15 an Hour per Week?
  • How Much is $15 an Hour per Day?
  • $15 An Hour Breakdown (Comparison Table)
  • Tools You Need to Live on $15 an Hour
    • Empower
    • CIT Bank
    • FlexJobs
    • Tiller
    • Survey Junkie
  • Is $15 an Hour Good Pay?

15 Dollars an Hour Is How Much a Year?

You may find yourself asking how much is $15 an hour annually? If you work 52 weeks per year (or get two weeks of paid vacation), you will make around $31,200 assuming you work 40-hour weeks with no overtime pay.

If you don’t get paid time off and you take it, you’ll work around 2,000 hours per year, bringing your salary down to $30,000 even. But if we’re honest, there are 260 weekdays in 2023. If you worked every weekday, you’d work 2,080 hours and make $31,200 annually.

Let’s convert your hours worked to salary based measurements:

Check out our free Hourly to Salary Calculator to further dive into your hourly pay.

For both salaried and hourly employees, the fair labor standards act, and the department of labor standards provides you with a level of protection. Federal minimum wage (minimum rate of pay for a given nonexempt job role) and for overtime hours on time-spent if an employee meets compensatory requirements are just two examples of how labor laws help you.

How Much is $15 an Hour per Month?

It helps to know how much $15 an hour earns you per month. You’ll have a better idea of your monthly budget and what you can spend. Using the full 365 days in 2023, the average hourly wage earner works 175 hours per month.

At $15 an hour, you’d make $2,625 per month, assuming you work all the weekdays in the month. If you take time off unpaid, the amount drops.

How Much is $15 an Hour per Week?

Do you prefer to budget weekly? Many people do; it’s easier to break it down than look at a month at a time and get overwhelmed.

$15 an hour per week means $15 an hour for 40 hours or $600. If you work overtime or take time off, it will increase or decrease your weekly income accordingly.

How Much is $15 an Hour per Day?

Want to look at it from a daily standpoint? Maybe you want to give yourself a little incentive to keep going – and what works better than cold hard cash, right?

If you work full-time, that’s 8 hours a day on average. At $15 an hour, you’d gain $120 a day.

$15 An Hour Breakdown (Comparison Table)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what $15 an hour looks like for the average person.

Tools You Need to Live on $15 an Hour


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CIT Bank

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Is $15 an Hour Good Pay?

You can make $15 an hour work if you’re frugal. If you can rent with roommates, share the utility costs, and keep food costs at approximately 10 percent of your monthly income, you should have enough to cover the basic cost of living and even saving 10 percent each month. It doesn’t leave much room for spending, but if you’re looking for more, check out our Make Money category for effective strategies to make more money!

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