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Have you searched for information on an electrician apprenticeship in Albertaonly to find scanty information that does not quench your thirst? After hours of research, you still do not know how to enroll in an apprenticeship program. Here at Electrician Information Resource we’ve decided to prepare this article to answer all the questions you may have concerning how to become an electrician In Alberta.

By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a very good understanding of the different industries available in Alberta, requirements for joining these industries, the various electrician jobs availableandexaminations.However, this is just a tip of theice burg.

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1. Becoming an Electrician in Alberta

2. Qualities of a Good Electrical Apprentice

3. ApprenticeElectricianJobsinAlberta

4. Alberta Electrician Exam

5. Electrician CertificationinAlberta

6. Financial Assistance for an Electrical Apprentice

Becoming an Electrician in Alberta

As an electrician in Alberta, you will specialize in electrical wiring.You will also be responsible for the repair and maintenance of electrical systems.Though there are several kinds of electricians, there are general duties and skills that apply to all:

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General Electrician Duties

  • To read and interpret electrical blueprints
  • Install and repair electrical cables
  • Inspect electrical equipment and advice on hazards
  • Supervise apprentice electricians
  • Ensure provincial regulations and Canadian Electrical Codes are adhered to
  • Use electrical equipment to identify electrical faults
  • Maintain and install fiber optic systems
  • To ensure the integrity and safety of circuits

To become a successful electrician, you are required to have the following skills:

  • Ability to work with others
  • Able to work in all weather conditions
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to work for long periods of time
  • Have good mathematics and analytical skills
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be a problem solver
  • Be willing to learn and keep up with electrical technology

Electrical ApprenticeshipinAlberta

An apprenticeship is an on the job training provided by an employer to prepare the apprentice for full employment. Though the employer facilitates your training, you will be supervised by a certified journeyman. To graduate from an apprentice program, you are required to complete your technical training and pass an industry-relatedexam.

Depending on your field of specialty, expect your apprenticeship program to last anywhere between 4-6 years. Once you finish yourelectrical apprenticeship in Alberta, youwill be awarded an Albertajourneymancertificate.

Qualifications for an Electrician Apprenticeship in Alberta

To qualify for an electrical apprenticeship program in Alberta, you are required at a minimum to meet the following conditions:

  • You must be a legal citizen of Canada
  • Your apprenticeship contract must be registered with the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
  • You must find a willing employer to take you in as an apprentice
  • High school diploma

Once you find a willing electricianwhowilltake you in, ensure you complete an apprenticeship application and contract and pay a non-refundable fee of $35. If you are not a legal citizen of Canada but would like to take your apprenticeship program here, ensure you have a work permit.

Alberta Electrical Apprenticeship

Before you become a certified electrician, you must first enroll for anelectrician apprenticeship in Alberta.Your apprenticeship should last for4 years and will consist of an on the job training of 1500 hours. In your fourth year, you should have a minimumof1350 hoursof on the job training.

You can reduce the term of your apprenticeship if you have related work experience or have completed an electrical course. You can know more about this by contacting theApprenticeship and Industry Training Office. If you are just out of high school and would like to enroll in anelectrician apprenticeship, thenregister for theRAP.

To graduate into a journeyman, the following requirements must be met:

  • Gain the required minimum work experience
  • Gain the required minimumhours ofon the job training
  • Applyand pass an entrance exam
  • Find a willing employer who wants totake you in
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $35
  • Complete all program requirements as stated in thecourse outline
  • Enroll for technical training
  • Apply and sit forall required exams

At times, you may not be able to prove that you have met the minimum education requirements. In such a scenario, you can opt to sit for a trade entrance exam. The exams are facilitated by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office. You can get more information on how to become an electrician by reading our bestselling book “Becoming a Successful Electrician.”

Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program

If you hold a validelectrician certification in Alberta,you can decide to apply for anInterprovincial Standards Red Seal Program. This is a nationally recognized standard designed to tell potential employers that you have the skill required to excel as an electrician. You will need to have an Alberta certificate to apply for this program. Keep in mind that you are only required to provide an Alberta Student Number {ASN} without paying any fees.

Typically you will challenge your Red Seal examine right after you’ve completed your journeyman exam.

Qualities of a Good Electrical Apprentice

A good apprentice must have good technical skills. This means you must be goodatmath and algebra.You must also be the kind of person who likes to take things apart and fix them. Though you will undergo extensive training before you become an electrician, you must be confident working on technical systems as you will spend most of your time doing technical tasks.

Communication Skills

As an electrician, you will spend most of your time collaborating with other electricians to solve a particular problem. If your communication skills are poor, then you will find it almost impossible to find a solutiontoa given problem.

Your communication skills will also come in handy when you are supervising apprentices. Poor communicationskillswill make this an impossible task.

Business Skills

This may not be an obvious skill,but trust us when you tell you it may either break you or make you. Once you finish yourelectrician apprenticeshipinAlbertaand move up the ranks,you will be able to open your own business.

As a business owner, you will be required to know how to keep your books in order, how to manage employees and also pay taxes. You will also have to learn other skills such as marketing your business and pitching for contracts.

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One important business skill that you must never lack is the ability to negotiate and bargain with potential clients effectively.Youmustnotsound rude or you will beconsideredarrogant, and nobody will want to contract you. You must also not give in too much or you will never make a profit.

Problem Solving Skills

As an electrician, you will be called upon to fix electrical problems that you have never encountered before. It is your responsibility to use your problem-solving skills to find the problem at hand. In such a scenario, you will be expected to come up with an out of the box solution. It is skills like these that make your name famous and increase your wages

Qualities of aGoodEmployee

During yourelectrician training in Alberta,you will have to find an employer who is willing to take you in for mentorship. To increases your chances of being formally hired after your training periodends, youmust have the following qualities:

Be Productive

An employer will always notice a productive employee. How many times do you procrastinate? How many times do you take a coffee break? Or how many times are you reminded that a task is due? Thesearejust some of the factors that will be evaluated by your employer to know whetheryou are a good fit for employment.


Do you enjoy what you do orare youan electrician because of the fat paycheque? If you are passionate about being an electrician, you will be more productive and your employer will noticeyou. This willincrease your chancesofbeing employed in the future.


How well do you manage your time? Are you the kind of person who must work under the supervision of a superior tobe productive? A good employee knowshow to manage themselves.


The perfect electrician employee is one whosees the bigger pictureand not just taking a paycheque. If you are an electrician apprentice,then you must have an end goal of becoming an independent contractor.You must know what you want and go for it.

Apprentice Electrician JobsinAlberta

You might be wondering which electrical apprenticeship jobs are best foryou. Todo this, weare going to giveafew examples of apprentice jobs,their training and duties. This way, you will be able to gauge which job is best for you.

Agricultural Equipment TechnicianJob Duties

The main duties ofanagricultural equipment technician areto maintain agricultural and harvesting equipment. You can decide to specialize in power shift transmissions, engine overhaul or hydraulic systems. In general, an agricultural technician will have the following duties:

  • Use and install systems such as an automated steering system
  • Service electronic systems of agricultural equipment such as tractors
  • Repair defective units
  • Testing equipment and advising machinery owners
  • Assemble new agricultural equipment

Apprenticeship Training

Agricultural apprenticeships will require four years to complete.This will include 8 weeks of technical training per year and 1500 hours of on the job training. Keep in mind that you can get a credit if you have work experience that is related toanagricultural technician. If you are planning onbecoming an electrician in Albertaspecializing in agricultural equipment,then you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Pass the requiredAlberta electrician exam
  • Finda placement with an employer
  • Fill and submit an Apprenticeship Application and Contract
  • Pay an application fee
  • Fulfill allCourse OutlineRequirements as an agricultural technician


Expect to earn 60% of a Journeyman’s wage in the first year of employment. This will increase to 90% in the fourth year.

Appliance Service Technician

As an appliance service technician, you will be responsible for the repair and installation of both commercial and residential appliances. If you are looking to work in a large spectrum of work environments, then this option will be best for you. In general, you will have the following duties:

  • Clean the internal parts of appliances
  • Use specialized tools and equipment to find faults
  • Replacing faulty appliance parts
  • Prepare work orders and billing

Work Hours

You will be expected to work for 40 hours a week.

Apprenticeship Training

As a service technician, your electrician apprenticeship Alberta training will last forthree years. Every year you will beexpected to undergo technical training foreightweeks and accumulate work experience of 1600 hours.To enroll for an apprenticeship as a service electrician, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Pass an entrance exam
  • Find an employer who is interested in an apprentice
  • Fill and submit an Apprenticeship Application and Contract
  • Completeyouron the job training
  • Fulfill allCourse Outlinerequirements


As an apprentice, expect to earn 55% of what you would earn as a journeyman. This should increase to 85% within the third year.

Automotive Service Technician

As an automotive technician, you will mainly be responsible for the repair, maintenance, and diagnosis of faulty automotive vehicles. In general, you will have the following duties:

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  • Repair and test engine efficiency
  • To repairer or replace electrical components
  • Dismantle and replace worn out parts
  • Provide maintenance service such as changingtheoil

Work Hours

Expect to work for 40 hours a week.

Apprenticeship Training

As an automotive technician, your apprenticeship training will last for four years. Each year, you must undergo eight weeks of technical training and have an on the job training experience of 1560 hours. To start yourautomotiveservice technician journey, you are required to do the following:

  • Pass an entrance exam
  • Find an employer who will mentor you
  • Fill and submit an Apprenticeship Application and Contract
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee
  • Fulfill allCourse OutlineRequirements
  • Register and enroll for technical training

Communication Technician

A communication technician is an individual who installs and maintains wireless communication networks. Communication technicians are also involved in the repair of radio frequency.

Skills and Abilities

To be a successful communication technician, you are required to have the following skills:

  • Analytical skills
  • Good oral skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Havea technicalaptitude

Apprenticeship Training

To become a communication technician, you are required to train for four years. Everyyear, you must have an on the job training experience of 1500 hours and six weeks of technical training. Keep in mind that one year has four periods. In the last period, you should have eight weeks of technical training. To start your training, follow the following steps:

  • Sit and pass an entrance exam
  • Find an employer who is willing to mentor you
  • Fill and submit an Apprentice Application and Contract form
  • Fulfill allCourse OutlineRequirements
  • Enroll for technical training


You will earn 40% of a journeyman’s wages and this will be scaledup to 75% by the time you are in your fourth year.

Electrician Motor Systems Technician

As an electrical motor technician, your work will be to repair, test or rebuild electric generators and motors. You will also be able to repair controllers and mechanical equipment used inindustrial and commercial establishments.Other duties include:

  • To diagnose, service and dismantle electric welders
  • To advise on propermaintenance procedures
  • To balance rotors

Working Hours

Expect to work for 40 hours a week.

Apprenticeship Training

Your apprentice training will last for four years. Every year you must accumulate1560 hours of on the job training and eight weeks of technical training. If you have work experience in this field, then you can apply for a credit that can reduce the time required. To start yourelectrician apprenticeship in Albertasa motorsystems technician, follow the following steps:

  • Meet all trade entrance exam requirements
  • Find a certified employer who will train an apprentice
  • Fill and submit an Apprenticeship Application and Contract form
  • Fulfill all course outlinerequirements


You will be paid 55% of a journeyman’s wage which will be scaled to 85% in your fourth year.

Heavy Equipment Technician

Aheavy-duty technician is in charge of maintaining and repairing industrial equipment and heavy vehicles. Some of this equipment are:

  • Crawler tractors
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Rubber tired equipment
  • Trailers

In general, heavy duty electricians have the following responsibilities:

  • To maintain heavy duty equipment
  • To prepare and submit service reports
  • Diagnose malfunctions
  • To keep equipment lubricated and maintained

If you to want to become a good heavy equipment technician, then you requireto havethe following skills;

  • A valid driver’s license to allow you to move around
  • Ability to work with others
  • Must have good vision
  • Have interests in a wide range of machinery

Apprenticeship Training for Heavy Duty Operators

Yourheavy-dutyoperators’ apprenticeship training will last for four years. Every year you must have on the job training of 1500 hours. You must also undergo technical training for eight weeks. To start your electrician apprenticeship, you must fulfill the following:

  • Pass an entrance exam
  • Find a willing employer who will take you in
  • Complete and submit an online Apprenticeship Application and Contract
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee
  • Complete all course outlineprograms


You will earn 60% of a journeyman’s salary,and this willincreaseto 90% in your fourth year.

Alberta Electrician Exam

To be eligibleto attenda technical training course, you are required to sit for an entrance exam that has a 70% pass mark. The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training facilitate the exams which have a three-hour time frame.

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When sitting for an entrance exam, you are required to bring the following:

  • A driver’s license or an apprenticeship ID card
  • Clearwater bottle
  • Pencils and Pens

Electrician CertificationinAlberta

If you have completed yourelectrician apprenticeshipinAlberta,it is time to get an Alberta trade certificate. There are two ways to get this certificate:

  • Based on experience
  • Based on recognized credentials

Based on Work Experience

If you are an experienced electrician but lack a trade credential, then this approach will work best for you. You may also have a trade credential but not from Alberta. To prove that your skills are up tostandard, they will have to be assessed against the certification standards of Alberta. To earn this certificate, you are required to:

  • Pass a theory exam
  • Have the required work experience
  • Sit and pass a competency assessment test

Based on Recognized Credentials

If you have a recognized trade certificate,but without a Red Seal,then you can apply for an Alberta trade certificate. To do this, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Acknowledge you have a recognized trade certificate
  • Fill and submit an online Qualification Certificate-Recognized Credential Application

Financial Assistance for an Electrical Apprentice

Financial assistance is available to registered Alberta apprentices.There aretwomain funding sources for apprentices in Alberta. These are:

  • From the Government of Canada
  • From the Alberta Government

Government of Canada

The government of Canada has two main services that can be of benefit to you,such as:

  • Apprenticeship Grants
  • Canada Apprentice Loans

If you are a woman apprentice, you are in luck. The government has an incentive grant for women only up to a tune of $3,000 a year. The maximum amount you can get as a woman is $6,000. Tobe eligible for this grant, you require to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen
  • You must be a woman
  • Must have finished high school
  • Be registered for an apprenticeship program
  • Prove that you have completed at least 12 months of apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Incentive Grant

This is a taxable grant of $1,000. The maximum you can get from this grant is $2,000. To be eligible for the grant, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have the required supporting apprenticeship incentive grant documents
  • Graduated from high school

Apprenticeship Completion Grant

This is aone-timegrant of $2,000 per person. The grant is accessible to registered apprentices who have a journeyman certification. To be eligible:

  • Prove you have completed an apprenticeship program
  • You should not be in high school
  • Be in a designated Red Seal Trade
  • Prove you are a journey person

From the Alberta Government

The province of Alberta offers financial assistance to apprentices through grants or loans.If you decide to apply for a loan, keep in mind that you will have a grace period of 6 months. If you apply for a grant, and you withdraw from your programwithin30 days of receiving it, the grant will be converted into a loan.

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The short answer to that question is no, not if you put the effort in; you don’t necessarily have to jump through hoops to become an apprentice. In fact, some don’t require any prior qualifications. While some recruiters will ask for GCSE’s or might prefer them, they’re not a deal-breaker for all employers.

How much does an electrician apprentice make in Alberta? ›

An early career Apprentice Electrician with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of C$20.35 based on 11 salaries.

How long is an electrician apprenticeship in Alberta? ›

The term of apprenticeship for an electrician is 4 years (four 12-month periods) including a minimum of 1560 hours of on-the-job training and 8 weeks of classroom instruction in each of the first three years, and a minimum of 1440 hours of on-the-job training and 12 weeks of classroom instruction in the fourth year.

How do I ace my electrician apprentice interview? › Tips to Help You Prepare for the Apprenticeship Interview

  1. Organize your answers for maximum impact. …
  2. Prepare ahead of time by reviewing your work experience. …
  3. Practice your interviewing skills! …
  4. Get some sleep. …
  5. Dress for success. …
  6. BE ON TIME. …
  7. Do your best to reduce fidgeting during the interview.

How fast can you finish an electrician apprenticeship? ›

An apprenticeship to become an electrician normally takes around 3 1/2 years. Regularly working through your study and attending the off-job training will help you finish on time (or even earlier!). The way your apprenticeship is structured means there’s both on-job and off-job learning.

Is being an electrician apprentice worth it? ›

Yes, an electrician apprenticeship is worth it.

Becoming an electrician is well worth the four-year apprenticeship. It’s a great alternative to paying for a vocational or college degree since apprentice programs are affordable and one of the few programs that allow you to be paid while you learn the ropes.

Are electricians in demand in Alberta? ›

The employment outlook will be good for Electricians (except industrial and power system) (NOC 7241) in Alberta for the 2022-2024 period. The following factors contributed to this outlook: Employment growth will lead to several new positions.

What is the highest paying trade in Alberta? › In Canada, Welder trade certification is only required in Alberta….

The Highest Paying Trades in Canada of 2023.

Skilled Trade Average Base Salary
Senior Plumber $90,700
Plumber / Steamfitter $90,109
Industrial Electrician $85,115
Refrigeration Technician $84,530

16 more rows What is the hourly rate for an electrician in Alberta? › Journeyman Electrician in Alberta Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Journeyman Electrician salaries – 3 salaries reported Alberta $38/hr
Journeyman Electrician salaries – 3 salaries reported Alberta $39/hr
Journeyman Electrician salaries – 3 salaries reported Alberta $43/hr

17 more rows How long do you have to complete an apprenticeship in Alberta? ›

Apprenticeship training lasts from 1 to 4 years, depending on the trade.

How many apprentices can a journeyman have in Alberta? ›

The new rules will require only one journeyman for every one apprentice (1-to-1 ratio) for ironworkers, boilermakers and pipefitters. The previous rules required three journeymen for every apprentice (3-to-1 ratio).

How many apprentices can a journeyman electrician have in Alberta? ›

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) Board changed the ratio to one journeyman to two apprentices.

How do you get accepted as an apprentice? ›

How to Become an Apprentice? Apprenticeship opportunities are offered through an employer or the program sponsor. To become an apprentice, search for an opportunity using our Apprenticeship Job Finder and apply directly with the employer or the program sponsor. Questions about a specific opportunity?

How do you pass an apprenticeship? › To make sure you’re prepared, you should:

  1. research the apprenticeship and the organisation.
  2. practice by doing a mock interview.
  3. check where and when the interview is.
  4. get to the interview early.
  5. dress appropriately and stay focussed.
  6. ask questions if you don’t understand.

How do I stand out as an apprentice? › 5 Top Tips to Stand Out as an Apprentice

  1. Talk about Other Skills. Chances are you have just left school or college, and so you may lack skills that people in the industry already have. …
  2. Research the Industry and Employer. …
  3. Make Yourself Known. …
  4. Clean up your Social Profiles. …
  5. Have Confidence.

Can you speed up an apprenticeship? ›

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

RPL may mean less time in training to gain the apprenticeship/traineeship qualification faster. Ask your registered training organisation (RTO) if you’d like your apprentice or trainee to get RPL. Your RTO will determine your apprentice or trainee’s relevant knowledge and skills.

Can apprentices work more than 40 hours? ›

Apprentices should work for a minimum of 30 hours a week, and a maximum of 40. Time spent off the job at a college or in training is included. Part-time apprenticeships can be agreed by your employer, at a minimum of 16 hours per week. For example where apprentices have caring responsibilities.

What is the shortest time an apprenticeship could take to complete? ›

The length of an apprenticeship depends on the specific standard but will be between one and four years. The training programme of all apprenticeships will be at least 12 months long.

What are the disadvantages of being an apprentice? › The Disadvantages of Being an Apprentice

  • Low Pay. Apprentices typically receive significantly lower pay than certified or professional workers, despite often sharing in the same basic projects and tasks. …
  • Minimal Recognition. …
  • Work Limitations. …
  • “Gofering”

What are 2 benefits to becoming an apprentice? › Benefits of Apprenticeship

  • Earn while you learn! As an apprentice, you receive a salary from the employer who hires you. …
  • Lower debt. …
  • Gain work experience. …
  • Benefits from qualified mentors.

What do most apprentice electricians make? ›

The average Electrician – Apprentice salary in California is $60,100 as of February 27, 2023, but the range typically falls between $52,400 and $69,800.

What state needs electricians the most? ›

1. Arizona. The Arizona Commerce Authority predicts that electrician jobs will grow by 35% in the decade between 2020 and 2030.

Which state hires the most electricians? › Geographic profile for Electricians:

State Employment (1) Annual mean wage (2)
California 65,870 $ 75,870
Texas 52,580 $ 53,080
Florida 41,130 $ 49,080
New York 39,760 $ 81,700

1 more row Which province is best for electricians Canada? ›

The highest electrician journeyman salaries are found in Alberta, Quebec and Manitoba, with mid-range salaries 10-25% higher than national averages. Conversely, the lowest wages are found in the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

What is the lowest paying trade? › 25 of the Lowest Paying Jobs

  • Food-Preparation Workers. …
  • Gambling Dealers. …
  • Gambling Change Persons and Booth Cashiers. …
  • Parking Lot Attendants. …
  • Non-Farm Animal Caretakers. …
  • Maids and Housekeepers. …
  • Entertainment Attendants and Related Workers. …
  • Shoe Machine Operators and Tenders.

What trades make 100000 a year? › What Trade Jobs Make 100k/Year Without An Advanced Degree?

  • Construction Manager. Most construction projects need professionals skilled at preparing budgets and collaborating with tradespeople, engineers, and architects. …
  • Electrical Power-Line Installer. …
  • Masonry. …
  • HVAC Technician. …
  • Electrician. …
  • Building Inspector. …
  • Plumbing.

Is $20 an hour good for an electrician? ›

The median hourly rate is $22, but electrician hourly rates range from $20-to-$26. Half of all electricians earned less than this amount and half earned more.

What’s the highest paid electrician per hour? › The national average salary for electricians is $48,850. The national hourly pay for electricians is $23.49….

Highest-Paid Electricians By State.

Rank 1
State Alaska
Average Electrician Salary $80,537
10th Percentile $65,000
90th Percentile $99,000

49 more columns How much does a red seal electrician make in Alberta? ›

Red Seal Journeyman Electricians ($50.06/hr)

Receive a highly competitive hourly rate of $50.06 + relocation assistance for the right candidate!

What happens if you don’t complete an apprenticeship? ›

Unlike university, you will not have to pay back any money for dropping out of the apprenticeship before completion. In new funding rules, employers are no longer able to ask apprentices to pay back any costs for training, exams or other activities.

How many hours can an apprentice work in a day? ›

How many hours can an apprentice work? Apprentices can start work as young as 16 and apprenticeships are generally for a minimum of 30 hours per week. The Working Time Regulations 1998 state that young workers should not work more than eight hours a day and 40 hours a week and don’t normally work at night.

How many days a week is a full-time apprenticeship? ›

Full-time apprenticeships

In a typical week, you’ll spend four days at work and one at university, college, or a training provider. Some apprenticeships also do block learning, where you’ll study for a week at a time, for example.

Can an apprentice work alone in Alberta? ›

Apprentices must be supervised by a mentor who is a certified journeyperson or holds a recognized trade certificate.

Can apprentices work more than 8 hours a day? ›

Young people can’t work more than eight hours a day or more than 40 hours a week. Unlike adults, there is no opt out for this. If you work for two different employers on the same day, you still can’t work more than a total of eight hours. In England you must be in part-time education or training until your 18th …

Is there a limit on number of apprentices? ›

There isn’t a limit to the number of apprentices a business can take on, but they must ensure programmes meet the requirements set out by the relevant authorities. If taking on more apprentices impedes an organisation’s ability to meet requirements, no more should be employed.

Can a journeyman electrician pull permits in Alberta? ›

Master Electricians are the only contractors who can obtain Electrical permits in Alberta.

How much does a journeyman electrician make a year in Alberta? ›

Industrial Electrician

Journeyperson electricians wage rates vary, but generally range from $30 to $50 an hour plus benefits (2020 estimates). Apprentices earn at least 50% of the journeyperson wage rate in their place of employment in the first year, 60% in the second, 70% in the third and 80% in the fourth.

How long does it take to become an electrician in Alberta? ›

The term of apprenticeship for an electrician is four years (four 12-month periods) including a minimum of 1560 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of apprenticeship education in each of the first three years and a minimum of 1440 hours of on-the-job training and 12 weeks of apprenticeship education in the …

Can you be rejected for an apprenticeship? ›

Applying for jobs, apprenticeships or universities? Unless you’re extremely lucky, odds are sooner or later you’ll have to deal with rejection. Unfortunately, it’s a rather difficult part of the process—but it’s important to know how to move on and make the most of it.

Why is it so hard to get an apprenticeship? ›

This is because you are in direct competition with every other person interested in that role. The popularity of apprenticeships is growing, so getting one will be more challenging than it used to be, but that’s not to say you can’t beat the competition.

What are the 3 qualifications of an apprentice? ›

2. Qualifications of Apprentices

  • Be at least fourteen (14) years of age;
  • Possess vocational aptitude and capacity for appropriate tests; and.
  • Possess the ability to comprehend and follow oral and written instructions. (Article 59, Ibid.)

Are there exams in apprenticeships? ›

During your apprenticeship, you’ll be assessed to make sure you’re achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for your chosen apprenticeship. Apprenticeships also include an end-point assessment.

What are the 4 stages of apprenticeship? ›

Apprenticeships range from level 2 up to level 7. With level 2 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. These levels are also generally split into 4 categories. Intermediate, Advanced, Higher, and Degree.

How do you answer an apprenticeship interview question? ›

When answering, explain both your strengths and weaknesses and describe the areas you can improve through the apprenticeship. This question always gets asked, prepare ahead by having 2 or 3 relevant examples that you can talk confidently about.

What would make you a good apprentice answer? ›

SUGGESTED ANSWER: “I am someone who is hard-working, conscientious and professional. I fully understand that you want to take someone on within this apprenticeship who will not only work hard to do the job properly, but who will also continually grow and develop as the apprenticeship progresses.

What employers look for in an apprentice? › Keep these qualities in mind as you search for a job and start your apprenticeship!

  • Honesty. …
  • Problem-solving skills. …
  • Communication & Interpersonal skills. …
  • Flexibility. …
  • Work well with others. …
  • Work ethic. …
  • Determination and persistence. …
  • Motivation.

Is being an apprentice stressful? ›

This can be really difficult. Throughout my apprenticeship, there have been times where I have suffered from stress, peaking around exam times. Working in a job where you are constantly learning, then going home to learn even more is challenging, no matter how supportive your workplace.

Is it difficult to get into an apprenticeship? ›

No, it is not easy to get an apprenticeship.

Much like applying for college, an apprenticeship requires a person to put a good application in and stand out from the many other applicants. Apprenticeship programs are ways to train for a career while earning money instead of going into debt.

What is the difficulty of becoming an electrician? ›

Becoming a licensed electrician is no easy task, however. It requires studying, years of being an apprentice or attending school, and years of documented work experience in order to become licensed. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to become an electrician, so you can take the steps to pursue your career dream.

Are apprenticeships hard to find? ›

You are unlikely to get the first Apprenticeship you apply for and sometimes it might take many applications for you to be matched with the right company. Try to keep motivated and be relentless in your pursuit for your new career.

What is the easiest trade to get into? ›

Although learning a trade depends on the person’s skills, some of the easiest trades to learn are elevator mechanic, electric lineman, millwright, boilermaker, and construction inspector, since you can learn your skills throughout apprenticeships and on-the-job training, and don’t need a degree.

How many people fail apprenticeships? ›

It found that almost half (47%) of apprentices are dropping out before completing their course, with 70% of those who drop out airing concerns about the quality of their apprenticeship. This is equivalent to around 115,000 apprentices per year.

What are 3 disadvantages of apprenticeship? ›

  • You won’t get access to certain careers. …
  • You won’t experience university life. …
  • You’ll have greater responsibilities. …
  • Holidays are short. …
  • The competition is tough. …
  • The salary is lower. …
  • You might experience an age gap. …
  • You’ll receive less recognition.

What are 3 disadvantages of being an electrician? ›

Con: Electrician work can be physically demanding

This is true of many construction trades, and electrician is no exception. Be prepared to crawl into some small dark spaces or up onto roofs; you’ll also do a lot of standing, bending, and reaching overhead. Electricians work on their feet and are always on the move.

What is the best age to become electrician? ›

No limit exists to learning. This means you can learn the trade as an 18-year-old or a 48-year-old. Even though you can learn the electrical trade as an older adult, you may have other life issues that could potentially get in the way of your career progression.

Are electricians in demand in Canada? ›

For Electricians (except industrial and power system), over the period 2022-2031, new job openings (arising from expansion demand and replacement demand) are expected to total 45,600 , while 37,200 new job seekers (arising from school leavers, immigration and mobility) are expected to be available to fill them.

Why do apprentices fail? ›

Most apprenticeship dropouts in England blame poor quality programmes. Nearly half (47%) of all apprentices in England dropped out of their training in 2021, with a majority citing ‘poor quality’ as the reason behind their failure to complete.

What happens if you fail apprenticeship? ›

Resits and retakes

Apprentices who fail one or more assessment method will be offered the opportunity to take a resit or a retake.

What are the shortest apprenticeships? ›

Apprenticeships can last up to six years for the highest-skilled trades, though many are shorter (home health aide and emergency medical technician apprenticeships are one or two years).

What is the most needed trade right now? › There are quite a few skilled trades that are set to remain in high demand over the next 10 years in these outlooks, including:

  • Electricians.
  • Welders.
  • Plumbers.
  • Home inspectors.
  • Aircraft mechanics.
  • HVAC technicians.
  • Diesel technicians.
  • Construction managers.

What trade is the most fun? ›

A few of the most fun trade jobs in manufacturing are:

  • Manufacturing supervisors.
  • Quality assurance specialists.
  • General maintenance technicians.
  • Industrial mechanics.
  • Industrial maintenance technicians.
  • Hydraulic technicians.
  • CNC machinists.


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