10 Best Coccyx Cushions To Buy in 2021- Reviews and Buying Guidance (2023)

Are you up to lock yourself in a chair? Then it is a hectic day for you that hurts your muscles with continuous tension. It is a challenge to hit the chair that causes soreness in your body. Adding up cozy cushions for a long sitting may not help you. Infact, you slouch in your chair or couch and badly hurt your tailbone region. It may lead to bad posture, chronic back pain. Good if you have decided to invest in a coccyx cushion replacing the regular cushions.

So, how does a coccyx cushion help you sit comfortably for a long time? It is mindfully designed to reduce pressure on your tailbone and back. While you are organizing your work setup, don’t forget to include the best and comfy coccyx cushion.

When it comes to choosing the best coccyx cushion, you may end with certain thoughts like if it is a match for your chair, if it’s really effective or just a hype. Let your research for a good coccyx cushion start with a list of products which we picked for you then look into the buying guidance. Consider your requirements with the described reviews and then choose the one which you need for a painless sitting even for longer hours.

Coccyx Cushions

You may want a clarity before checking out the best coccyx cushions. Who needs one of these cushions? A person whose tailbone is aching due to sitting for a longer time in a chair needs a coccyx cushion. It heals the pain at the lower hips, discomfort in coccyx, prevents bad posture, and helps sit in comfort. If you are someone who is spending more than half of the day in front of the laptop or system then you must not miss buying it.

1. Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion

A first factor that must draw your attention for a best coccyx cushion is your comfort which comes with the material. In this cushion, it is 100% foam for a comfy sitting. You don’t feel the stretch while sitting on your chair even for longer. You can do your work without any discomfort which you wanted exactly.

As you sit on the cushion, it will keep you locked with non-slip gel rubber. It has the heat responsive technology that snugs your bottom shape. And the U shaped ergonomic design molds your lower back. It is a machine washable material for a hygienic use.

The product is designed targeting the lower back, hips and thighs. Sitting for a longer time can cause pain in the lower body from waist to legs. So, this is the best coccyx cushion to protect your sensitive areas. It is firm enough to form a solid support and which sustains regular use. The cushion is light, suitable to accompany a car seat, desk chair.

There is a lifetime guarantee replacement which assures the quality of the product. It is made to be firm unlike other products which flatten with everyday use and retain the shape by itself. And agree that the cost is on the higher side but it is one of the best doing options in the list.


  • Retains shape
  • Contours your body
  • 100% Memory foam
  • Lifetime replacement
  • Non slip gel bottom
  • Lightweight product

2. ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion – Non-Slip Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion

An easy solution to relieve the sciatic pain and back pain is a coccyx cushion. But you need to test the quality of the cushion, the material. For example, this cushion is the best to reduce tailbone pressure as it comes with U shape. You can set your posture right while sitting and assists in recovering the back pain.

Under certain health conditions, sitting for a few minutes can hurt your back. So, you can choose this for herniated discs, tailbone pain, back injury recovery or during pregnancy time. Also it is a comforting cushion for your hips and for conditioning hemorrhoids.

You can sit safe on the cushion without slip as it comes with a rubber gel bottom. It gives you solace throughout the use as it is stuffed with foam. The cushion provides good coverage to your bottom and the chairs of all kinds. This is the best choice of coccyx cushion to attach your chairs and seats at home, vehicles, at work.


  • Non slip bottom
  • Foam stuffed cushion
  • For various conditions
  • Perfectly shaped
  • Reasonable price

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3. Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Seat Cushion

Extreme coccyx cushion is unique with well designed structure and shape. There will be the common issues like posterior discomfort that comes with longer sitting. So,all you need is a tailbone pillow while you are on the chair for hours. It becomes a painless experience and no more discomfort or pressure on your tailbone.

This orthopedic cushion is made to be anti-slip on chairs and you can use it in the car, office or at home. It resists multiple uses without wear and tear as the cushion is filled with solid foam material. The firmness of the cushion is comfortable to sit for extended hours.

It delivers good coverage to your tailbone yet is portable to fit the seats. If your body posture is going wrong while sitting then you need to wait to correct it. There will be better blood circulation and relieves pressure point with the firmness.

The cover of the pillow is removable and washable after continuous use. And it is layered with a mesh fabric to promote air circulation in order to prevent sweat or excess moisture.

4. Ziraki Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic, Luxury Chair Pillow

Did you ever realize how much you are straining your back? It’s not that you are over bending or stretching but just by sitting in the wrong posture and that too for a longer time. It’s because you are missing out on a coccyx cushion while sitting constantly.

This is the best coccyx support that eases muscle pain in the back and lowers the pressure on your tailbone. It is a safe cushion to use for spinal issues like sciatica, recovery of back injury, soreness in hips. And you may find it difficult sitting for longer during pregnancy so pick for a comfortable experience.

It is designed in U shape to go along with your body curves for extra support, comfort that also automatically corrects your posture. Firmness of the pillow changes as the temperature is cold, it becomes firmer and softer during hot and optimal room temperature. It is filled with premium quality foam for comfortable firmness. The cushion comes with an easy to clean cover which is removable.


  • Optimal firmness
  • Premium quality foam
  • Lightweight cushion
  • Compatibility

5. CYLEN Home-Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion

It is a coccyx cushion particularly designed to prevent the pressure on the tailbone and back while you are sitting for hours. It stops from causing pain from continuously sitting with a task in the chair. The cushion aids in relieving the back pain caused due to pregnancy, hemorrhoids, injury like conditions.

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The material of the cushion is an infusion of bamboo charcoal to provide ventilation while using it and reduces the temperature. You will be able to sit continuously without sweat or moisture. A regular cushion can become a hot seat that makes you feel uncomfortable in the chair. Buying this product you will know the difference between a regular cushion and a best coccyx cushion. The inner material is foam for a comfortable seating. The cover of the cushion is non-slip to not go off the chair or couch and allows good airflow.

This is a washable and removable covered cushion for hygiene purposes. You get this cushion with 5 years warranty and all the claims are assured to be true as the design, structure, shape and firmness of the product are perfect.


  • Minimizes temperature
  • Non slip design
  • Avoids bad odors
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Breathable fabric

6. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

The U shape cut out of the cushion is to reduce the pain on ,lower back. Prolonged sitting in the chair to accomplish your duties at work or home can cause pain in the lower back and tailbone. We would recommend this as the best coccyx if you are looking for one.

This cushion is well shaped to contour your bottom, thighs and allow your hips to stay comfortable. Design of this cushion is ergonomic in order to distribute your weight while sitting for longer hours and eventually it helps in healthy spine alignment. You can use this cushion in a car, office chair, regular home chair, wheelchair or a couch. It is to improve the support of the lower back when the pain is associated with conditions like sciatica, herniated disc or chronic back pain.

You can choose the cushion to correct your posture to 90 degrees. It prevents slouching in the chair or numbness in the buttocks with continuous sitting. The outer layer of cushion is made of soft velvet cloth for an ultimate comfort yet it is a non slip base. The product lasts for long as the making is qualitative.


  • Corrects posture
  • Non lips base
  • Soft velvet fabric
  • Healthy spine alignment

7. WAOAW Seat Cushion for Office Coccyx Chair

A perfect seat for your office chair, traveling seat or regular chair at home is WAOAW coccyx cushion. It relieves the pressure of over sitting. The U shaped cushion is to lower the pressure on your tailbone, back and legs. It also allows for a healthy posture.

This is the best portable coccyx cushion with durability. Try this and you will love sitting with it for a longer time on a chair. The non slip base and you can even carry it anywhere you go. You may have to sit on a chair, at home or a seat during travelling which leaves soreness in your back. It automatically prevents the pressure on vulnerable points like thighs, legs or waist. So,the seat is made versatile for all the chairs and seats while it’s easy to carry along with a side handle.

It is composed of foam that is moderately firm yet comfy for a long seating. When you want to clean it, you can immediately remove the cushion from the xcover and put it to wash.


  • 100% foam material
  • Soft and comfy
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sets body posture
  • Non slip base

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8. CosyTech Coccyx Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Cover 100% Memory Foam

You have a seat cushion for your chair that is not enough for sitting excessively. An additional support can make it a comfy seat, easy to work while you are on the chair. This is filled with high quality memory foam which makes it durable for at two years. The cushion lasts with good elasticity and without squash even after using it regularly. You can even use this cushion with heavy weight as it is firm enough to support your body.

The U shape design helps contouring your body allowing your tailbone to sit without pressure and compression. It alleviates the pain from sitting longer due to associated conditions including sciatica, pregnancy, back injury. It is a great substitute for a donut cushion to heal the pain of hemorrhoids for system workers or old people.

People who are supposed to sit for more than 8 hours continuously must choose this healthy option to prevent back pain. When the whole weight is burdened on your hips and waist, it also affects your thighs and legs with pain. Investing in a best coccyx cushion is a wise thing as it provides solid extra support. The ergonomic structure and composition of the seat distributes the weight evenly protecting your tailbone, lower back and then legs as well. It also improves the blood flow promoting your well being.


  • Sets body posture
  • Allows blood flow
  • Distributes weight
  • Good durability

9. Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Pillow – 15″ Inflatable Donut Cushion for Tailbone Pain Relief

If you want to try a donut shaped cushion instead of U shape then not a problem. You have a great substitute for u shape cushion which is affordable and reasonably priced. This is a ring shaped cushion to distribute the weight evenly and avoid too much pressure on your pelvic, back and tailbone. Its high time to realize that extended sitting also causes anal pain. To stop all these side effects of sitting in a chair, buy this top donut cushion for your work, traveling seats.

This coccyx cushion is the best to buy as it holds up weight up to 330 lbs but still resists the punctures. It ensures extra support to your back and tailbone. You can inflate the cushion with an air pump given along with it. And it is easier to inflate ]the cushion unlike other cushions.

It is not too soft or thin nor over firm but simply comfortable with the required amount of firmness. The cover of the cushion is made to be hypoallergenic for skin friendly use. It is completely free from latex to avoid bad odor and toxic smell. It is washable and reusable multiple times. Definitely a portable companion for work and traveling time that exceeds your comfort levels.


  • Soft yet moderately firm
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Portable cushion
  • Odor and toxic free
  • Includes air pump

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10. ErgoFoam Orthopedic Donut Pillow for Tailbone Pain

Are you looking for a donut pillow to accompany your chair? Then choose this one as it is engineered to prevent the strain on the tailbone. And it is not too firm like other donut chair pillows, instead it is softly plush with foam material. It comes with a breathable mesh cover for better air circulation and prevents sweat and moisture that causes extended seating.

This is the best coccyx cushion made to deliver instant relief from tailbone pain, back injury discomfort, hemorrhoids. And this is a cushion designed to fit most of the body types for a good support. It will not cause pain or uneasiness while sitting along with this coccyx cushion.

The sleek shape and design of the cushion is compatible with any chair or sofa. The outer cover of the cushion is removable and washable for cleaning. It has the lifetime warranty which assures the durability, quality of the material and wear and tear.


  • Mesh breathable cover
  • Suitable for all chairs
  • Oval shaped seat
  • For all body types
  • Lifetime warranty

Coccyx Seat cushion – Complete Buying Guide

1. Shape

You must consider the shape of the cushion which adds to your comfort. Most of the coccyx cushions come in U shape but a few with donut shape are also reviewed as the best for tailbone safeguard. It may depend on the type of chair, the amount of coverage you want. However, U shape is ideal for best coccyx cushions.

2. Multipurpose

You should be able to use the coccyx cushion for this kind of chair. The prolonged seating could be while travelling, at work, at home. So, choose a cushion that is versatile and compatible with office chairs, traveling seats, regular chairs, dining chairs or recliners. It must be a seat to reduce tailbone pain,, back pain and sciatica like conditions ultimately.

3. Material

Material is a prerequisite factor while choosing a coccyx cushion. The best cushions come with foam material for firm support and better air circulation or to prevent sweat. High quality foam material sustains the wear and tear use without compressing and it also retains its shape by itself in any weather condition. Not only the inner material but also consider the outer cover which must be soft and comfortable.

4. Thickness

Too thin cushions do not provide a good amount of support for your bottom while sitting for long hours. So, always choose the one which is thicker and inflates as you sit. Medium or little more thicker cushions are good for you to sit comfortably. You will feel comfy, cozy which doesn’t hurt or applies pressure on your tailbone, thighs.

5. Non slip base

Choose the coccyx cushion which has a non slip base as it is an important factor. As you sit for prolonged hours, you may need a seat that keeps you in place. For this, you must choose the non-slip based cushion which doesn’t fall off or slip off from the chair. A slipping base can make it a discomfort experience as it interrupts your work.

6. Washable cover

Last but not the least factor while choosing a cushion is the cover. You may give less weightage to the cover but there is a difference. After using the cushion for days regularly, it gets dirty, catch dust. So, using the cushion without cleaning is never recommended for skin safety. A dirty cushion can irritate your skin hence choose the one with a removable and washable cover to promote hygiene.


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Your work is enjoyable and never burdening for you. Of course, the deadlines can give you a tough time but what adds up to it is improper sitting posture and poor support. It leaves your back and tailbone with pain and then it leads to pain in your waist, legs as well. Never ignore these signs like pain in the tailbone, waist and legs. These are the effects of sitting for a longer time and another effect is an unhealthy posture. And correcting it with a best coccyx cushion that also reduces all these effects and gives you relief, sets your posture well and prevents discomfort.