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de_word das Haus, -ä, er
de_sentence Paul ist nicht zu Hause.
en_word home
en_sentence Paul is not home.
Note ID 84886454703
de_word fragen
de_sentence Er möchte Sie etwas fragen. Wann kommen Sie?
en_word to ask
en_sentence He wants to ask you something. When are you coming?
Note ID 84887177259
de_word ein Pfund
en_word one pound

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on 1667732272

it’s a really goo deck

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on 1665224117

Good and easy

on 1664017376

Very good list. Highly recommended.

on 1662606650

This was a great deck, thanks a lot for building and sharing it.

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on 1661360354

Danke from the Owl

on 1658035795

Thank you so much!
It’s such a great deck 😀

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on 1657463791

sher gut

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on 1656091659

super helpful!

on 1655882327

helps learning german

on 1654374520

Thank you

on 1653930124

Good deck

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really useful !!!

on 1653010209

Really good deck 🙂

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on 1647185419

Good collection for beginners

on 1646164574

Audio not working

on 1645254756

It clearly is a perfect match for young German learners. The preparations are also quite satisfactory- pronunciation, translation everything.

on 1644605912

Useful ;))

on 1644460222

very helpful

on 1643345725

sier good

on 1643139102

Full list with essential primary words

on 1642360577

I have completed this deck – it got me started for my German vocab, I knew nothing when starting but used this deck along side ‘DW Nicos Weg’ and managed to get to a solid A2 in 5 months.
Really useful – I appreciate the effort that went into making it.

on 1642030718

amazing and very helpful

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on 1639603894

My 2022 goal is to learn German (somehow by myself) and this is reallyyy useful. Thank you!

on 1639281890

Phenomenal little deck that’s proven to be super helpful. 🙂

on 1638777938

Vielen Dank, that’s awesome!!

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on 1637836733

vielen dank, this can help me a lot since it contains basic words with sentences, for A1 level

on 1636394756

amazing deck for complete beginner!

on 1636137165

Very well made!

on 1635720839

includes example sentences and audio

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on 1635286272

Vielen Dank

on 1634347650

Very useful, thanks a lot.

on 1633306813

Thanks a lot

on 1633274475

liked it

on 1632139431

very helpful!

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on 1631451619

I loved it. Really useful

on 1631218358

Somewhat short (took like a month and a half to finish) but definitely a good start.

on 1630918397

Sehr gut.

on 1630109410

Sehr gut

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on 1629244415

Literally the best pack. Good quality audio and very comprehensible example sentences that make remembering words very easy.

on 1628335838

This is a wonderful deck.

My only request is to add tags (Kapitel 4, 5 ,6…etc).

I’m doing the Goethe A1/A2 online course at the moment. Having tags would allow me to filter the deck and only revise words that I have already covered.

Comment from author

Hi there, unfortunately I haven’t done the Goethe A1/A2 online course so I don’t know what chapters the words appear in.

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on 1627618009

Muchas gracias

on 1627507338

sehr gut

on 1626431740

Awesome deck

on 1626196723

This deck is like a hidden treasure. Thank you so much for uploading it

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good share

on 1623368309

Vielen Dank!

on 1623183721

It’s really well done!

on 1623054116

Fantasic starting vocabulary for German!

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Sehr hilfreich!

on 1622361764

Excellent. You are a legend.

on 1621700836

Awesome deck, thank you!

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Gut gemacht!

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very complete

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Excellent! thanks

on 1614734225

Very complete and useful for beginners

on 1614208126

Nice deck for beginners

on 1613680346

great deck!

on 1613668537

Just a couple of errors, but for the rest is optimal!

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on 1612817041

Very helpful so far–I’ve only used it for two days, but it is already improving my knowledge! The practice sentences are good because they help you learn the context but also extra words 🙂

on 1612458134

Great work, thank you !

on 1612380162

Almost perfect, with audio and all

on 1611622884

Good quality

on 1610927761

Big diversity of well-made cards.

on 1610221734


on 1608728274

Joll good

on 1608208048

Sehr hilfreich

on 1606846491

High quality content !! Thank you for your efforts, thank you for your passion, thank you for your time

I ll do my best to honour it



Thank you so much for all of your hard work, this is a total life-saver for me. I have tried to make a deck from this exact wordlist but it’s definitely not easy work, I want to thank you again for doing all this for me. New: “Er arbeitet mit Vorsicht.” – difference between “Vorsicht” as “caution” or “attention” and the exclamatory “Vorsicht!” (“Watch out!” or “Careful!”)

“Mit Vorsicht” is less idiomatic than “Er arbeitet vorsichtig.”, but it would not appear odd in everyday speech.

> dorther

This probably varies from region to region: Between the Moselle river and Cologne, in my experience, this is a very unual word. People in this area would usually say “von da” or “von dort” or “von da her” or “von dort her”. I would deem it unusual on TV and radio, too. Perhaps it’s more common in Southern regions.
It is so odd for me that now, as I look at it again, I perceived it as an English word for a second: /dɔɹðəɹ/

> Removed: “Sie haben Zimmer Nummer zwölf.” – would normally be written “Zimmernummer zwölf”, but this didn’t add anything over the “Hausnummmer” example.

This is not true. An internet search engine quickly returns plenty of results for “Zimmer Nummer” and “Zimmer Nr.”. This is because “Haus Nr. 12” and “Hausnummer 12” (and the same with Zimmer instead of Haus) do not mean the same thing. For example, “Gehört Haus Nr. 12 Ihnen oder Ihrem Vermieter?” can be paraphrased as “Are you the owner of the house which is designated by the number 12, or is your landlord the owner?”. In contrast, “Gehört Hausnummer 12 Ihnen, oder Ihrem Vermieter?” can be paraphrased as “Have you been assigned the number 12 which designates a house, or has your landlord been assigned the number 12?”.

I’m going to recommend the deck to my friends who are learning German.

Comment from author

Thank you for the feedback!

> Vorsicht
In the original Goethe Institute wordlist the sentence was to demonstrate the noun “die Vorsicht”, hence avoiding “Er arbeitet vorsichtig.”. I have amended the explanation of this change.

> dorther
I’m not sure if I’ve heard it before, but since the G.I. included it I was reluctant to remove it.

> Zimmer Nummer zwölf
Thank you for explaining in detail – I don’t think the distinction is made so often in English. I have added this back in. 🙂



Great work and effort, dearly apprecited



Thanks a lot, nice deck.



Very dedicated work. Thanks for putting this together!



Clearly a labour of love for the author. A wonderful deck.

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